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About Bob

Bob served in the US Navy from 1989 to 1997. The last four years of which were spent working at the White House for the White House Communication Agency where he worked as the systems administrator responsible for its mainframe communications system and as a lead for vice presidential travel. Bob went on to work for a number of different government agencies as a consultant including the NRO, DIA, OPM and JWAC with a specialty in desktop management and deployment. During this time, Bob created AppDeploy to share tips on application deployment and scripting...

  • Sr. Product Manager responsible for ITNinja, an online community for IT professionals with a focus on software. Bob manages its ongoing development efforts, acts as community and marketing manager, and also develops content for the site.

    Dell Software

  • Owner/operator of, an online store for collectable vinyl toys. Also (a work in progress) Concert Buddies will provide a place to record concerts you've attended to be connected with others nearby with a similar history.

    RWK Systems

  • Co-founder of StupidApps, a project focused on the creation of stupid applications designed to frustrate and annoy.