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Many products have come and gone. While the relevant and current products are being covered on AppDetails, the goal of this page (the Product Graveyard) is to document products that once were and what became of them. Please help contribute by adding any additions or corrections by contacting me.

  • Absolute Manage
    • On October 5th, 2015, Absolute Manage officially became part of HEAT Software. Absolute Manage was subsequently rebranded as HEAT LANrev, but continues to be supported by the same development team (now HEAT Software employees). [reference: 1, 2]
  • Empirum
    • Empirum was simply renamed and is available today as Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management.
  • FrontRange
    • FrontRange merged with Lumension to form HEAT Software.
  • InstallFree
    • InstallFree was a promising application virtualization alternative but its fate is unknown. It was acquired by WatchDox in 2012 which was acquired by BlackBerry in 2015. Could it be a component of BlackBerry Workspaces? [references 1,2]
  • INSYSTEK, Inc.
    • This Topeka, KS based company offered a handful of related products including NSMC, Inventory Manager, and Control Center. A record of what became of it has not been found, but it is no more.
  • Lumension
    • Lumension merged with FrontRange to form HEAT Software. [reference]
  • ManageSoft
    • ManageSoft was acquired by Flexera in 2010, and then it was subsequently acquired by Raynet in 2012. It is still under active development by Raynet and is available today as RayManageSoft i. [reference: 1, 2, 3]
  • Packaging Robot
    • Originally created by Brainforce, unsure of what became of it. Possibly in the hands of Cegeka?
  • Quest MSI Studio
    • Quest 4.5 went EOL in mid-2014 after its acquisition by Dell. However, it has been shipping with ChangeBASE despite not being sold as a stand-alone product. [reference: 1, 2]
  • Symantec Workspace Virtualization
    • Symantec Workspace Virtualization and Symantec Workspace Streaming are EOL as of January 2, 2017. [reference]
  • ThinAppHelper
    • This tool provided a GUI for the ThinApp project folder (files, registry settings and package.ini) and provided by Comprehensive ICT Solutions but that company went closed shop in 2013 and was bought by another Dutch company, Provide. Unfortunately the tool cannot be found on the Provide website. The last known release was version [reference]
  • Wise Package Studio
    • On November 7, 2011, all versions of Wise Package Studio, Wise for Windows Installer and the Wise Connector, including any Maintenance Packs and/or patches for each version, in all released languages reached their End of Life (EOL). It was replaced through a partnership with Flexera with “Flexera AdminStudio for Symantec”. [reference]
  • ZeroG
    • InstallAnywhere was originally made by ZeroG Software and was sold under the same name until it was acquired by Macrovision in mid-June 2005. With Macrovision’s sale of their software group InstallAnywhere is now owned and supported by Acresso Software (now Flexera). [reference]