I enjoyed the Don & Mike show when I lived in DC, when it was on the air many years ago. I made it to a live show one time, but mostly listened on my drive home from work. A few years back I discovered that Mike had his own show now and I’ve been listening on and off ever since, especially when driving long distances.

I sent an email to the show one time and forgot about it. Because I only listen periodically, I never heard if they read on the air it but recently decided to look for it.

image1In short, the story was that I had purchased an audio file expecting an episode of the show and got a two second clip of Mike simply saying “Asshat”. Because it ended up in my iTunes library and my car plays songs in alphabetical order by default, it actually played quite frequently.

Thanks to how good indexing of email is now, I was able to search several years of email in a second and found the date of the message I had sent. I then went into Spotify and scrolled back to July of 2017 when I had sent it and listened to a couple of episodes following that date. Thursdays were the weekly mail segment of the show back then, so it wasn’t much effort to find it. To my pleasant surprise I was able to hear that they did read my letter and it was fun to hear their reaction. Find it at time index 13:27, episode 1813 (also here on Spotify).