At Microsoft Ignite 2018, we had a room and video equipment to record sessions and my good friend Alejandro Lavie suggested we take the opportunity to try out the idea of a video podcast. It ended up being more like Alejandro interviewing me, but we recorded 7 “episodes” about a range of topics both professional and fun.

Competing priorities prevented the series from actually being produced so none of them were actually released. Recently Alejandro approached me about doing an audio podcast where he’d interview people around the company in an attempt to recreate what we’d done again, but in a way that would require much less effort to produce.

That conversation got me thinking about what topics we’d discussed and so I watched the raw footage to recall our conversations. There were a couple of cameras and we each had a microphone but I lack the tools, the expertise (and the time) to properly produce them. But I routinely use Camtasia for generating online presentation videos and demos and it occurred to me that I could rapidly produce these videos if I compromised on sound (relying on one microphone, so one of us is always much louder) and settled for a single camera. Adjusting the noise levels made it listenable and I could easily zoom from person to person during our conversations to make it a bit less dull to watch a single camera shot.

In the end, I was able to pull the below videos together in under three hours and I feel it came out good enough. I hope you find them enjoyable!

Alejandro and Bob discuss a funny, little known website Bob was involved with
Alejandro and Bob discuss Starbucks names and Bob’s “claim to fame” AppDeploy
Alejandro and Bob discuss Bob’s time working at the White House
Alejandro and Bob discuss ITNinja (formerly AppDeploy)
Alejandro and Bob discuss why Bob joined Flexera and his plans for AdminStudio
Alejandro and Bob discuss software patching and Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Manager
Alejandro and Bob discuss the books that Bob has authored, print and electronic publishing and future plans