Admin Script Editor is an award winning script editor for Windows administrators which introduced several innovations to the market.

iTripoli (Bob Kelly and Steven Behrns) rewrote the KiXscripts Editor in 2004 resulting in the Admin Script Editor (ASE). This new product focused on all Windows Admin scripting languages and offered several wizards and code generation tools that produced not just KiXtart, but VBScript, AutoIt, Batch and eventually PowerShell.

ScriptPackager and ScriptForm Designer were just two of the features introduced to the market by ASE It was the recipient of the Redmond Magazine Readers’ Choice Award in 2008 for Best Scripting Tool. It featured a long list of features:

  • ScriptForm Designer – make your scripting language a development language with this exclusive tool to creating complex GUI forms with ease
  • ADSI Wizard – Easily create code for the retrieval and updating of Active Directory (AD) objects by browsing your AD structure and choosing the objects with which you want to work.
  • XML Wizard – Generate code for retrieving data from XML files using a simple tree view where you may simply select the data you wish to retrieve
  • ScriptDeploy – Distribution console allows for the remote deployment of scripts and other command line actions with no client agent required, targeting either users or computers with real-time success and failure rates
  • Advanced Query Builder – Create complex queries involving multiple tables, views, and conditions using joins, unions and other complex data structures graphically (built in data tab even lets you preview results within the tool)
  • ScriptPackager – Easily wrap your script and any support files in an encrypted executable which may optionally be configured to run using alternate security credentials so that users may run your scripts where they may otherwise fail.
  • DB Wizard – Another first in scripting, ASE offers simple point and click creation of complex database code. Just select database, a table and check the fields you wish to query, update or add.
  • Logon Script Builder – Why pay for per seat licensing to run hidden code when Logon Script Builder lets you create drag and drop scripts that produce script code right in ASE for your review and edit
  • Integrated Debugger – Integrated right within the ASE scripting environment you can view locals, script output and the call stack. You may even watch desired variable values during script execution. With the ASE Active Debugger, tracking down problems in your scripts just got a whole lot easier!
  • Script Signing – ASE makes working with certificate easy! You can specify local execution policies and manage certificates, even create certificates, right from within ASE. Use the default certificate or any other available certificate on your system with just a click.
  • ScriptTips – See the syntax for functions appear as you type, as you proceed, each parameter for the function is highlighted to help you keep your place (supports nesting of functions!)
  • WMI Wizard – Our robust WMI code generator is highly configurable; include only the elements you want by selecting the properties you wish and to help you choose (ASE even provides sample data for selected properties)
  • Script Code Wizards – Built in feature wizards help you to generated code for Message box and Character Codes (Chr)
  • Custom Wizard Support – Write and share your own custom wizards or browse those submitted at our website. Custom wizards may be written to read and write from script documents within ASE using its provided COM support
  • Keyword Help – Subtract the cost of a reference manual from the price of this software because you get a built-in reference manual with ASE. ASE provides its own unique keyword help integrated right within ASE with a simple right-click (or ALT-F1)
  • ScriptComplete – ASE provides a dropdown list of supported COM methods and properties as well as for things like Macro variables (KiXtart and AutoIt) so you may easily choose from a list of what is supported by the object or language
  • Script Formatter – Keep your code clean and easy to read without even trying! The Script Formatter automatically inserts tabs, spaces and line breaks in your code as dictated by per-language rules you can configure
  • COM Browser – A COM Browser has been designed into ASE, which provides details on methods and properties with help displayed when supported. Now you can even select type libraries within your script to have them displayed in the COM browser
  • Code Wrapping – Optional code wrapping may be set to wrap at the word or character level so you can see all your code at once (line numbering feature helps you keep your place)
  • Customizable Look – Modify most every aspect of this Integrated Scripting Environment including color themes, window placement, fonts, keyword highlighting, menus, toolbars, icon style and size, keyboard shortcuts and more
  • Macro Support – Automate repetitive tasks within the Admin Script Editor itself: you may record a series of keystrokes for one time use (a Quick Macro), or save the series of keystrokes as a named macro to be used in the future
  • Change Log Support – Enforce change log entries on a per-script basis, optionally requiring input when a script is closed. These customizable change log entries are then inserted as comments in a region within the script
  • Script Explorer – Browse for scripts from a smart view of your system which shows valid file types. Configure any desired folder or share as root, and now you can even save folders and shares as favorites for quick access to wherever you keep your scripts!
  • Task Manager – Any task comments, in any open script, are combined into a single sortable task list. Just double click on a task to be taken to that line in the script
  • Script Templates – Start with a skeleton script instead of a blank page. You can even create your own templates for each language and may preview and/or update the template at the time of selection
  • ScriptBits – Easily save and reuse “bits” of code with optional fields you may define for areas you wish to have updated upon insertion
  • Collapsible Code – Collapsible code helps you to organize your script and make it more readable. Functions and Subroutines are automatically designated collapsible regions and you may specify your own regions using simple comments
  • ScriptCompare – ScriptCompare lets you visually identify the difference between any two scripts (or files) with ease. Scroll both documents at once, copy selected lines to the clipboard, and more
  • Script Backups – Backups may be created automatically and you may specify if backups should overwrite every time, or only if a current backup it does not already exist
  • Custom Tools and Links – Easily add shortcuts to your favorite external tools and manage bookmarks to related websites. Web links may also be customized and web links may optionally open in a new tab within ASE. Several community websites are provided.
  • Premium Editing Features – ASE naturally includes all of the professional editing features you have come to expect, including: Keyword Coloring, Split-screen editing, Bookmarks and much more!
  • Error Lookup – The ASE Error Code Lookup option provides a quick and easy way to look up error codes
    Print Preview – Preview your script before you print with optional zoom levels and then print your script with full keyword highlighting
  • Output Redirection – Redirect the output of your script to the tabbed ASE output window which you may then save, print or delete as desired
  • Save as HTML/RTF – Save your script as a web page or as a rich text document to document or share your script while maintaining the colors of your script as displayed in ASE
  • Script Change Indicators – Optionally identify what lines in your script have been modified since it was last saved, and for the current session with subtle yellow and orange markings at the margin
  • Script Settings – Remember script settings by optionally having the information inserted within a collapsed region at the top of your script (no need for external project files to manage)