I delivered a couple of sessions at the AppManageEvent as per usual, but it was also unusual. After 2020 being outright cancelled, I was excited to attend in 2021. I had my tickets, hotel, and was ready to go but had to cancel at the last minute. Making the best of the situation, and with the help of the event hosts and local employees, I was able to participate remotely.

At first I was going to record my session as a back-up, but it quickly became clear to me I could offer something better by investing more effort into the video presentation. I still did a live Q&A by video and was even at the booth on the showroom floor to talk to people. So I was as “there” as I could be, but sure look forward to proper participation in person next year (October 7th, 2022)!

I titled and described the session below as follows:

Top 10 changes affecting AME attendees

In this session, from an application packaging perspective, Bob will drill into 10 big things you should be thinking about today including changes to application packaging and management, SaaS and its impact on the relevance of desktop applications, Windows 11, MSIX, patch catalogs, vulnerability management, and more.

As you’ll hear me admit, this was a bit of a cop-out and a way to be able to talk about several interesting topics rather than going deep on any one or two. It’s always hard to choose, and this way, I didn’t have to 😉