In what I call my 3.0 community (proceeded by AppDeploy and ITNinja) AppDetails is a clean slate reboot of my original community.

In starting over, I wanted to learn from the past and keep it:

  • Focused – AppDetails is about application and systems management. Now this is a broad topic, but it will not extend beyond this topic.
  • Simple – My intention is to have the site do a couple of things very well with an eye on being as easy to use as possible.
  • Agnostic – there will be sponsors of course, but the discussions and tips shared are by their very nature useful for all regardless of the management system used (SCCM, LANDesk, Altiris, Kaseya, KACE, HEAT, and so on).
  • Fun – A point system has been put in place for participation. Score points to outrank your friends, and/or to spend these points on real-world goodies in the AppDetails store!

In an effort to help the site be even more helpful, a new offering is featured which I call “Product Recommendation Services“. With this…

  • AppDetails will discuss your challenges, your preferences and your budget to help determine the best solution for your specific needs.
  • You may have a good idea of what you want and seek validation. AppDetails will provide that by helping you understand the competitive landscape in terms of both the products on the market and the different technologies capable of addressing your needs.
  • Once you are comfortable with the recommendations provided, AppDetails will help connect you directly to the right people to provide a demo or proof of concept.