Another great event. It was so good to actually be back in person after having to resort to a remote presence last year.

I also provided an AdminStudio roadmap session aimed more at customers, but I always try to take a less product focused approach with a more broadly appealing topic. For this year’s recorded session, I took a “notes from the field” approach where I talked about some common challenges and how I’ve seen enterprise organizations address them. Some things work well, some not so well, so the goal here was to share that experience in the hopes that it may help some avoid common pitfalls. Following the presentation, I had a number of people complement me and say they were happy to see the topics I listed matched their challenges and that their attempts to address them were largely in line with what I shared.

I took a new approach with the presentation, including minimal text to use as talking points versus a traditional presentation. And to make it a little more interesting, I generated the images shown with Mid Journey AI.

Some social posts from the event…

  • LinkedIn: Nice to meet Bob today and listen from him the changes flexera is bringing in the newer versions.
  • LinkedIn: Listening to Bob Kelly speak at the #AppManagEvent22 . Utrecht NL
  • LinkedIn: Roomful of customer and partner experts listening to Bob Kelly speak at the AppManagEvent22. Amsterdam NL.