I had the pleasure of delivering a couple of sessions at the 2018 App Manage Event in Utrecht, Netherlands. Below were the abstracts for those sessions, the second was recorded and backed up with a blog post so click that title for more detail and content…

AdminStudio: What’s New and What’s Coming

Tools to help ensure packages are free of vulnerabilities were introduced earlier this year as well as several other features including PowerShell Wrapping, Java Dependency detection, an updated user interface and MSIX Suitability checking. The older optional modules for Application Compatibility, Mac and Mobile and Virtualization Management are now all included in the core product.

How to Automate the Application Packaging Process

This session was designed to offer real world examples to automate the packaging process using the PowerShell Cmdlets provided by AdminStudio Enterprise. Possibilities were discussed before walking through the demo of a script that exercised most of the commands reviewed. For example, determine if repackaging may be necessary, confirming OS Compatibility, determining application suitability (for deployment as App-V or MSIX), passing packages off to popular distribution systems and more.