In support of my online store BlindBoxes, I conceived a simple game that could provide a fun way to augment and promote products there.

It works like this:

  • Every so often you receive a package.
  • You click to open it and see what blind box series you got.
  • You then click to unwrap that box and see what figure you got so you can add it to your virtual collection.

Figures are based on actual series and the odds match that of the figures sold in the real world. As you play, you unlock coupons for the store so you can use to purchase actual blind boxes!

iphone/ipad google/android

As I am not able to develop mobile applications myself, I looked to as a service to connect me with a developer. I posted mockups and the flow of how the game was to work as a project I called “Simple Odds Based Game for iOS and Android”.

For those interested, I have attached the specification document I wrote with user stories and mock ups which served to convey the scope and details of the app and how it was to function here: BlindBoxes-TheGame