My original concept was “Concert Buddies” which would match you to people based on concert attendance, but that concept was reduced to a potential feature down the road. What I landed on was “Concert Explorer” — a site that simply lets you keep a public record of shows you’ve attended so you can share them with others. I love to see my favorite bands live and have been to a lot of concerts. In fact, I can now quantify that I’ve been to over 94 (a dozen or so shows I’ve not pulled enough detail to include as of yet).

I’d been sitting on the domain name for a while and decided to finally get something together. It took only a couple of days to build, but then I spent weeks researching and adding shows I’d attended. I’ve taken at least some video of most of those attended in the last several years, so I decided to formalize all that footage by changing my YouTube account to “Concert Explorer”. I then cleaned up all my titles and descriptions linking back to and created playlists with the recordings in proper order to link as content on thereby creating two-way linkage between my content and this new site.

You can add a band, add a venue, add a show (selecting the added band and venue) and then mark such as “attended.” It will then show up on a sharable list of shows. The site mostly works as desired with a couple of problems outside my control, so I’m hoping WPForms and other plug-ins I’m depending on accept my enhancement requests. The last big thing I want to do before “launching” or promoting it in any real way is to greatly improve the look and feel of the “my shows” page, so it provides a better summary, a dashboard, etc. Ultimately, the reason you’d take the time to record all your shows here as I have, is to share it– so this page really needs to be a lot more compelling to encourage adoption.