Bob co-authored Deploying and Administering Windows Vista Bible with Nelson and Danielle Ruest.

I wrote the first eight chapters of the book, specifically the chapters: Planning the Deployment, Creating Basic Windows Images, Managing Windows Licensing and Activation, Working with Windows Installer, Migrating User Data, Managing Windows Images, Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and Windows Deployment Services (WDS).

Much of it applies beyond Windows Vista of course, but the negative press associated with Windows Vista did not help with sales. The original author pulled out and so I managed to get myself promoted from tech editor to primary author. It was a lot of work, especially considering some of what I needed to write about, I didn’t know a lot about and had to research and test in order to write authoritatively on the topics. I had a couple of eBooks and even a print book prior to this, but this was my first with a large, well-known publisher.