The team behind the event did a nice write up to promote my sessions where they went into my background to help sell it here. They also requested I record a video to promote the session which you can see below:

It was a pretty unique event in that it took place in two cities. First in Horsens, Denmark and then in Copenhagen Denmark with a travel day in between for speakers and staff. I actually started my trip with a quick stop in Utrecht, Netherlands to speak at a seminar and got to Horsens late that same evening.

Horsens was a very rural area and the event actually took place at was once a prison (a little “security irony” perhaps?). It was an interesting location but they had a good turnout and the space was actually very accommodating.

The second day in Copenhagen was naturally much better attended (roughly double the crowd). I love Copenhagen so was very happy to have the opportunity to spend a little time there. The presentations went well, where I focused on the overall story of patch prioritization and new capabilities around patch automation in SVM (a remix of the SVM Patch Automation launch presentation I recorded).

Below are a few pictures I took at the events.