I did multiple online events, internal and external, in support of a new module (the Threat Intel Module) for my Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM) and Software Vulnerability Research (SVR) products. Below is the link for the primary customer facing event where it was discussed and demonstrated in detail.

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The abstract for the session was as follows…

Are Critical Vulnerabilities Really The Most Critical?

Industry assessments, including reports from Gartner, show that between 6%–10% of the vulnerabilities disclosed each year actually are exploited in the wild. Most of these vulnerabilities have medium CVSS scores which typically results in their being overlooked by organizations.

In a world where there are more than 18,000 new vulnerabilities every year, our customers demand more. Introducing our new Threat Intelligence Module, which adds another valuable layer of insight by helping you understand which of the vulnerabilities affecting your environment are actually being exploited in the wild. From inclusion in malware attacks, exploit kits and in-the-wild observation of attacks, our information and scoring system simplifies and sharpens decision making.

The Threat Intelligence Module is the first solution to put this essential information in the hands of desktop engineers and IT operations, which in coordination with security professionals, drives an effective, cost-effective, risk reduction solution.