This was a particularly fun event. MSIX was announced as the new packaging format and demand for information on the topic was high. As one of the very first webinars on the topic, I was fortunate to get Rod Trent and Tim Mangan to join me.

There were some technical struggles with part 1, both with handling animations in slides and even accessing the event during the EMEA session. That learning curve came with a move to a new webinar delivery platform, part 2 went a lot more smoothly.

Register to view both parts 1 and 2 here

Webinar Part I

“The Future of Software Packaging” presented by Rod Trent, Tim Mangan and Bob Kelly
  • The promise of MSIX
  • MSIX Package makeup
  • How to work with MSIX files
  • Limitations and how to work around them

Webinar Part II

“Delivering MSIX Packages Using Modern Distribution Technologies” presented by Tim Mangan and Bob Kelly
  • Highlights of Part I: MSIX – The Future of Software Packaging
  • Options available in deploying and publishing MSIX Packages
    • Microsoft Store
    • Store for Business/Education
    • Config Manager
    • Pre-deployment in imaging
    • PowerShell
  • Caveats in Deployment
  • The MSIX Container
  • Understanding the Package Support Framework
  • Ask the Experts