Originally the plan was for six sessions, but despite a great response we had to cut it short due to resourcing constraints. UPDATE: I’m happy to report that these sessions are back up and running strong!

The idea is not to rely on a presentation, but rather have a conversation on packaging related topics. We bring a topic or two to the table, but let the audience questions drive the direction of the conversation. It went quite well with not only high numbers registering, but attending– and more importantly, engaging! We had over 75 questions posted in chat during our first session.

Topics were packaging related, but naturally MSIX was a leading area of interest. Details and recordings of these three sessions can be found at the link below.

The production is improving too. Initially we were all on camera live, but the recording just provided the placeholder slide and audio. Recently we got to a stage where we keep on person on camera (the current person speaking) and soon we’ll be updating to a new platform where things should get even better. We are even planning to bring outside experts to join the roundtable. Get signed up now!