This was the first “Platinum” level review I wrote for AppDetails. This means it is both much longer and also includes a YouTube video component.

This suite does quite a lot so it was a challenge to convey everything I wanted in my desired number of written pages and minutes of video.

Read the full Raynet Packaging Suite review that was posted on on AppDetails

I provide honest product reviews at AppDetails. They are paid based on length and if a video is also to be produced. I tell clients that the review will contain both positive and negative comments alongside an explanation of their product. If they are unhappy with the result, they may choose to not have it published, but I don’t write editorials and no product is without room for improvement. When I did similar via AppDeploy, there were indeed a couple of companies that did not like the comments I made and chose to update their product to address deficiencies and have me review it again– therefore taking the first as product feedback and the second as marketable materials. See my other reviews in the AppDetails content archive.