I had the pleasure of writing an extensive review (and accompanying video) for SoftwareCentral. I stood it up in a virtual environment and had multiple sessions with the company to fully understand it’s capabilities, and how it was positioned. Interestingly, I really felt the brilliance of the product being that as a front-end to Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) it helps make SCCM easier to use and therefore more accessible to smaller companies without expertise. I therefore felt that their focus should be companies under 5000 seats, but learned that they actually have several larger clients that enjoy SoftwareCentral for its ease of use and feature enhancements despite having a staff with a strong understanding of SCCM. Wanting to both push my thoughts on how they should be positioned while honoring how the company wants to position SoftwareCentral, I decided to cover both and talk openly about what I thought and what they company had to say about it. In the end it was a thorough review with which both I and the people at SoftwareCentral were very happy.