Back in 2007, Bob ran an online community for Realtime Publishers in the early days of the Windows Vista release. This involved several blog posts per week as well as a weekly podcast and answering questions for about a year’s time.

Realtime publishers attempted to monetize this and a small number of other communities, but ultimately Vista was too unpopular to serve as the topic of a dedicated community and most external activity came from home users and not IT professionals as they had hoped.

This was a time when I had an “always say yes” to opportunities mentality. Honestly, this was too much work for a guy already running an online community (AppDetails) as well as other writing commitments and a full time consulting job! I still chalk it up as a good experience, these were the only podcasts I ever recorded and became more convinced than ever that a podcast should never be a one-man-show.

The first post was published on December 1st 2006 and the plug was finally pulled on October 4th 2007. An archive of the site can be found here online and the podcast recordings are available online here.