There are more and more companies beginning to adopt Workspace ONE for Windows endpoint management. Starting live as AirWatch it focused on mobile use cases. Microsoft Intune took a very similar path, starting primarily with a focus on mobile and evolving. Windows 10 (and soon 11) lend itself to management using MDM APIs more and more, leveraging concepts like provisioning of new devices, configuration profiles, etc.

With increased interests in Workspace ONE, an opportunity presented itself in that were virtually no integrated solutions for patch management. VMWare provides its own limited patch catalog, but is under constant pressure to support more third-party patches. My Software Vulnerability Management product provides the broadest third-party application coverage from an assessment and patch catalog perspective so I was happy to work with them on an integration. The APIs for such were evolving as we built this out, so it took a bit longer than hoped. In the end we have a very strong offering that in early days is resonating well with VMWare customers.

As a joint effort, we had a joint launch as well. Below are my own materials as well as those posted by VMWare…

Value Prop and Demonstration

VMWare Content

Initially posted as a TechZone blog post, it was also posted to the VMware blog.