This Redmond Magazine hosted event covered things you can do to help ensure that if attacked, you can keep your job. Note that’s after an attempted attack, not a successful attack– the idea is to position yourself to survive such an event. Dale Meridith did the heavy lifting on this one, providing some great content which was well delivered. I used the opportunity to talk about how Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager’s new Threat Intelligence Module can help you to effectively prioritize the limited time you have to spend patching vulnerable software (a key way organization are typically attacked).

The abstract for the session was as follows:

In this fast-moving world of cybersecurity, it seems a week doesn’t go by without another company making headlines with a data breach or attack that compromise their data. But the real question is “How many jobs were affected?” or more to the point “Do you think the IT folks at that company are still employed?

Join Pluralsight Author and Cybersecurity expert, Dale Meredith and ITNinja Founder and Author Bob Kelly of Flexera as they cover the top 10 best practices you and your organization should make sure are in place to not only secure your data but your job as well!

One of the biggest challenges in today’s technology world is ensuring security, privacy, and compliance towards the protection of your organizations resources. With the onslaught of new software, products and apps, along with the employees bringing in their own devices into your organization it’s imperative that IT teams are always alert and proactively strategizing against potential security gaps within their infrastructure.

Along with this, traditional IT boundaries are disappearing, and attackers are finding new targets and ways to infiltrate our environments which is increasing the risk of immense financial loss,  damage to customer or client relationships and most importantly damage to the organizations brand and reputation.