I was interviewed by Juriba about packaging and its role today. Video elements are included. A summary of the questions posed to me that were covered in this piece are listed below…

  • Bob, thank you so much for sitting down with me today. Before we talk about your take on why application packaging will always be relevant, I’d love to know more about your journey and where you are today. You are known as a ‘guru’ in application deployment!
  • So, application deployment has always been a passion of yours. What keeps it interesting for you?
  • You are the industry go-to on application packaging and deployment – how do you view this current wave of change (MSIX, MSIX AppAttach, UEM platforms)?
  • Here is a scenario for you: if you were managing a large enterprise with hundreds or maybe thousands of applications, how would you be approaching the migration to UEM?
  • At Juriba, we have recently worked with Julia Bell, our CPO, to publish a series of blogs about Microsoft Intune. Here we explore the management tool and how customers and businesses are turning to a hybrid of SCCM and Microsoft Intune as a common outcome of these UEM projects. From our point of view, it arguably is more complex to manage. Do you agree, and can you tell us why you think that is?
  • Some people would say that app packaging hasn’t changed much in 20 years – how do you respond to that?
  • And, for my final question. If you hadn’t gotten into application deployment, what do you think you would be doing now?