The idea of offering recommendation services for products and services is a bit of a new concept for many. It walks the line between an analyst service and a kind of free third-party pre-sales service. Explaining this clearly while also letting people know it is free can take a lot of reading. I was not convinced people were bothering to digest my offering and so I decided to have an explainer video produced.

I didn’t want to do it myself, because I really wanted it to be more professional that I could do on my own. I needed it to convey a lot in just a couple of minutes while being engaging and simple. I looked around a lot and eventually settled upon theDrawShop because I always found this whiteboard style engaging.

I provided the initial materials and they assigned a team of people to help the project through each of several predefined steps in a well laid out process. I had three drafts with a copywriter, a couple of story board drafts with an artist, I selected who would do the voice over and the final video was produced. I’m very happy with the results and have seen an uptick in interest for my services since it was introduced.