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SCUP Catalogs vs. Software Vulnerability Manager

With the addition of SCUP to SCCM, a lot of people are looking to a SCUP catalog as a way to address the challenge of application patching. After answering the same question about the differences between Flexera SVM and this SCUP catalog capability, I decided to sum it up in this blog post.

In summary, SCUP does not provide any amplifying information to help prioritize, the patches cannot be customized, it only know about what is included, and what is included is likely less than 10% of what you care about. In the end it is a good way to address a very select few applications but is in now way “patch management”.

AppDetails Recommendation Services Explainer Video Project

The idea of offering recommendation services for products and services is a bit of a new concept for many. It walks the line between an analyst service and a kind of free third-party pre-sales service. Explaining this clearly while also letting people know it is free can take a lot of reading. I was not convinced people were bothering to digest my offering and so I decided to have an explainer video produced.

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VMworld 2010 Interview

I supposed it came off okay, but this impromptu interview totally freaked me out. The camera was two inches from my face and I’d not been in a similar situation before.

Published on Sep 1, 2010 –¬†Carryl Roy of Virtual Strategy Magazine interviews Bob Kelly, Senior Product Manager at Dell KACE, at VMworld 2010.