I’ve been using Book Book for my iPhone case for my last few iPhones now and was cautiously optimistic about Twelve South’s latest design. After using it for a couple of weeks, I reported the following complaints to the company and got not response. I’m going with no case at the moment and carrying a separate wallet; something I’ve not done for several years.

These days, when we can’t get satisfaction directly, we share. So here are the issues I have which have lead me to give up on my longtime favorite case/wallet.

  • I got an alert from the iPhone that my unsupported magnetic case may be affecting photo quality. That is disturbing as it is the primary reason I bought the new iPhone 11 Pro.
  • Two of my three wireless charging pads don’t work with the case despite it specifically saying it supports wireless charging. The previous case worked fine but this one either does not work, or needs to be very carefully placed in just the exact right position (which takes a couple minutes) and then can be intermittent. In my car I get constant warnings that it is disconnected and connected again and so I found myself having to regularly remove the phone from the case entirely. On the plus side, it is now much easier to remove the phone from the inner case as advertised. But the point is that I shouldn’t have to.
  • Due to the case being magnetic instead of locked in place, it also didn’t quite stay just where it should so I found I had to remember to push the phone up and to the right before taking a picture or the case would partially cover the camera lens. This was never an issue when it was locked in the right position with the previous model.
  • Finally, I really have to play with getting the magnet to hold the phone when trying to use it as a stand— I read that this may improve as it breaks in, and I believe that is true. If not for the other issues above, this is something I could certainly live with.

I hope I get a response. A refund. Ideally, I hope that they make a non-magnetic version of the iPhone 11 Pro Case. I hope I can update this article with a positive outcome (and will if/when I have one to share).

Update: On 11/7/2019 12South contacted me via direct message on Twitter, got my order number and issued a refund. No response was provided regarding the above product feedback.