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Bob Kelly (under his brand RWK Systems) brings you NFT collectables based on its various projects including Craft Beer Spots, Craft Beer Artwork and Bob established his first online community in 1999 as which grew until it was acquired and was later relaunched as in 2012. The notoriety generated afforded several speaking and writing opportunities as an IT Professional. An entrepreneur, he has conceived and launched a number of successful software products including Admin Script Editor, MP3 Helper, and the AppDeploy Library.

History: Building Toward NFT Projects

January of 2012:

Just as the phenomenon that is “blind boxed” collectables began to become mainstream, was born. At the time the term “blind boxes” was not fully established but you would see such items as a category in some toy stores. The first of its kind, this store secured wholesale relationships with all the major brands including Kidrobot, Tokidoki, Funko, and more and to this day offers the largest collection of blind boxes and blind bags you’ll find anywhere.

April of 2017 BlindBoxes: The Game

BlindBoxes: The Game was released for mobile. In the game, a blind box would arrive in a package every couple of hours. When opened you’d see which series you got, and open that to reveal which item in that series you got. The images were awarded a randomly with various odds that would be saved to your collection in the app. These are not NFTs, but rather a simple game to play and unlock coupons for the store. Over 32,000 virtual blind boxes have been opened by over 5,200 customers and it’s gotten some great reviews.

Screen shots of BlindBoxes: The Game from the Apple App Store

July of 2017: Craft Beer Spots

AppDeploy was born from sharing internal notes about a topic of high interest. So, it seemed natural to do the same with what started as a record of craft beer locations around the Charlotte, NC area. With travel, the opportunity to always visit and document new places has grown this resource to over 350 spots, and it continues to grow today.

Each entry features a description, original photos, recent Untappd check-ins, a map and various identifying tags for browsing.

January of 2020: Craft Beer Artwork

Appreciating the artwork on many craft beer labels a method of photographing and sharing these images was devised. The Instagram account where these images are shared has grown to 10,000 followers with new images being posted daily. Among the favorite artists covered is David Paul Seymour who is planned to be the focus of the first NFT art set coming soon (see below).

NFT Collectables

The community aspect of these projects is very important, so there are plans to reward holders of these NFTs with early access, even exclusive access, and free NFTs periodically.

Craft Beer Spots NFTs

Sour Spots was the first series of NFTs released in May of 2021. It featured 10 breweries and four rarities for a total of 40 different collectables. These were not released in packs, but are pre-minted and available in the Atomic Marketplace.

The next series is Favorite Spots, a more ad-hoc and limited series of only three per craft beer spot (including not just breweries, but bottle shops and craft beer bars). Incorporated throughout the Craft Beer Spots website, these are also pre-minted and sold in the Atomic Marketplace.

The next series will be Explorer series. Another set of 10 craft beer spots from around the world in the same four rarities as the Sour Spots series, but this time offered in packs. This project is currently in development.

Craft Beer Artwork NFTs

This is the next planned project anticipated to drop in H2 2021.

A set of NFTs featuring the art of David Paul Seymour. A handful of great pieces have been secured for this project (and are also available on t-shirts at Craft Beer Spots).

BlindBoxes NFTs

This is the next planned project, anticipated to drop in 2022. Get ready for original virtual blind boxes on Wax!