It’s important to reassure customers invested in products that are not getting the same marketing attention they once did in light of newer, shinier products that they’re not forgotten, being neglected or in any way less valuable. In order to reinforce this for the products for which I am responsible, I created “What’s New & What’s Coming” videos for each of three product sets.

I begin with a quick description for those not familiar with the product, but keep it short with the expectation that the viewer likely has some familiarity if they care enough to be watching, but may still appreciate a quick refresher. I then take a moment to speak to the maturity of the product. Responding to years of feedback, it can’t be understated how much more evolved an older product is compared to anything fresh off the shelf. I then start with recent updates to underscore the continued effort that has been taking place already. I touch on some upcoming enhancements already planned and then tease some backlog items that could become a reality with sufficient customer interest. With this latter part, I take the opportunity to invite participation in the community to contribute to our ideation offering (to suggest and vote on existing ideas).


The de facto standard for application packaging, this suite of tools evolved to address far more capabilities to help ensure quick and successful deployment packages with any desired customizations.

Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM)

Formerly known as Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI), this solution helps you identify, prioritize and patch third party software commonly overlooked by general security scanners.

Data Platform

Formerly of BDNA, which was acquired about three years ago, this solution pulls in existing inventory data across your existing endpoint management and inventory systems and then normalizes (for a clean and curated data set) and enriches (with category, end of life, and security details) it so you can get a true picture of your IT estate with the details to address common challenges like product redundancies, version sprawl, and identifying vulnerable, out of date (or soon to be out of date) software and hardware.