My friend Steven and I were a good two-person team where he and I covered product development and product management respectively. We created sites and products together including the KiXscripts Editor (which became Admin Script Editor), Package Cleaner, and MP3 Helper to name a few. One that I only remember to mention from time to time is StupidApps. When I do remember it, I laugh hard for about a half hour as I talk through what we produced.


How would we monetize it? That was never a consideration. What was it for? Just for the fun of it. What would we do with it? Probably nothing.

We first established the site in 2000. In 2013 I recreated the site on WordPress and created demonstration videos of the applications so you can enjoy them without the need to install them.

The application are stupid (by definition) but in many cases are funniest when the documentation and FAQs are consumed as part of the overall delivery. To help you get to the good stuff, here are the links and a description of each by order of how I personally rank them.

Logon Status Checker – this application is designed to tell you if you are logged on or not. Ignore the fact that you obviously have to be logged in to run it, the fact that it takes a long time to perform the check, and that it sometimes report you are not logged in (a documented known issue).


Command Prompt Launcher – there is hands-down, no better way to unlock the power of the Windows command prompt than to employ our Command Prompt Launcher solution.


Countdown Timer – it does count down, only not in one second increments so in case you though this could be of any help, you’ll quickly see this isn’t of any use whatsoever.


Random Number Generator – it was particularly amusing that this application was always our biggest download. I picture people expecting a legitimate random number generator and not noticing it was from Not very random, it actually counts by twos. As a reviewer at ZDnet so kindly informed us:

  • “I saw no evidence of reandom [sic] number generation. What I did see was a display that shows a single number, which is incremented by 2. That’s a far cry from random…” –ZDNet
  • Video
  • FAQ and Release History


Time Viewer – want to know what time it is? Just run our Time Viewer application and there you have it!

  • “…the clock at least needs to be functional in order for us to carry it. If you’d like to send us a new version of the program where the clock actually keeps time, we’ll be glad to take a look at it.” — Ted Tatman, ZDNet Reviewer
  • Video
  • FAQ and Release History


File Finder – can’t find a file? Just launch file finder, browse to the file in question and File Finder will tell you right where it is with incredible speed!