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Producing AI Cover Songs

It is scary-easy to create AI covers of songs that sound surprisingly good now. I was blown away when I stumbled across songs sung by cartoon voices, celebrity voices, and alternative artists that sounded so good, and wanted to create some of my own. I learned that the process is essentially that you use AI to separate the vocals from a song, use another AI to alter the vocal track, and then marry the two back together again for the final product. I was going down this path when I found Voicify AI, which does all of this easily online, even taking audio from YouTube if you like and leveraging any of thousands of trained voices.

It doesn’t work perfectly every time, but it works very well a lot of the time, and that’s pretty impressive. There are even options to remove background vocals when present to get better results when that is a factor.

I then used MidJorney to create an image to associate with each and then used this free online tool to create a video file using the audio file and image. I did use Audacity to trim empty space at the start or end of a track, but that won’t be necessary if the source audio doesn’t need trimming. I created eight inside a couple of hours and published five of them (the others didn’t sound good). Check them out:

If you want to try this yourself, click here. It does cost $8.99 per month for 35 credits (one per song) which is a pretty good deal given the time you’ll save trying so manually. It is surprisingly easy and fast. I doubt I’ll maintain my subscription; you can cancel at any time, and I’m not sure I will be compelled to create more than the 35 attempts will get me. I think it is a good deal to play with and enjoy deciding what songs will be sung by whom until the novelty wears off. Will it?

VMworld 2010 Interview

I supposed it came off okay, but this impromptu interview totally freaked me out. The camera was two inches from my face and I’d not been in a similar situation before.

Published on Sep 1, 2010 –¬†Carryl Roy of Virtual Strategy Magazine interviews Bob Kelly, Senior Product Manager at Dell KACE, at VMworld 2010.